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What is the Best Long Term Investment? And the Survey Says…. (Drum Roll Please!)

The Gallup organization conducts an annual report entitled the Economy and Personal Finances Poll, which asks Americans to choose the best option for long-term investment. It’s no surprise that real estate returned to the top position over other investment categories (gold, stocks/mutual funds, savings accounts/CDs and bonds). Back in 2011, gold was the most popular …


Home $weet Home = Family Wealth

Homeownership will always be a part of the American Dream. Let’s take a look at several of the financial advantages of homeownership. 1. Buying is Cheaper Than Renting The results of the latest Rent vs. Buy Report from Trulia show that homeownership remains cheaper than renting with a traditional 30-year fixed rate mortgage in the …


Do You Know the Cost of Waiting to Buy Your First Home?

Some Highlights: • The “Cost of Waiting to Buy” is defined as the additional funds it would take to buy a home if prices and interest rates were to increase over a period of time. • Freddie Mac predicts that interest rates will increase to 4.8% by this time next year, while home prices are …


Closing the Deal: Sign Here and Here and…

Hooray! You’ve made it through the offer and negotiation process, inspection and appraisal – now it’s time to close the deal and then you’ll be a HOMEOWNER! This is the tedious part of the homebuying process that is hugely based on signing tons of important documents. Closing typically takes a few hours, however, every one is …


The Connection Between Home Prices & Family Wealth

Now is a great time to buy your first home. Over the next five years, home prices are expected to increase in value by 3.22% per year on average.  So, what does this mean for homeowners and their equity position? Since the experts predict that home prices will increase by 4.4% this year alone (2017), …


Finding Your Way Home

If your resolution is to get into a new home this year, it’s important to find the right one. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right location and the right type of home for you. Whether you currently rent or own your home, you already understand the importance of location. It’s …


There is a Calculator for That!

When it comes to adding up the costs for homeownership, “there is a calculator for that!”     There are many ways to add up the homeownership numbers. Check out the calculators below. Financial Calculators If you’re thinking about buying a home or you are a homeowner trying to learn about your options, these calculators …


Fair Housing Month

During the month of April, we come together as a community and a nation to celebrate the anniversary of the passing of the Fair Housing Act and recommit to that goal which inspired us in the aftermath of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination in 1968: to eliminate housing discrimination and create equal opportunity …


What is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance provides owners with financial protection against disasters. A standard policy insures the home itself and the things you keep in it. Homeowners insurance is a package policy. This means that it covers both damage to your property and your liability or legal responsibility for any injuries and property damage you or members of …


Why down payment money matters

  “If only I could afford the down payment, I could buy that home.” You might be able to do both. An acceptable down payment might be smaller than you think (hint: less than 20%). On top of that, you might be eligible for down payment assistance. Can I make a down payment of less …

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