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Special District

Housing Finance Authority of Miami-Dade County

General Information

  • Full Legal Name (as cited in creation document)

Housing Finance Authority of Miami-Dade County

  • Public Purpose

Pursuant to § 159.602(1), Florida Statutes, “within the state, there is a shortage of housing available at prices or rentals which many persons and families can afford, and a shortage of capital for investment in such housing. This shortage constitutes a threat to the health, safety, morals, and welfare of the residents of the state….” Pursuant to § 159.602(3), Florida Statutes, “the financing, acquisition, construction, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of housing and of the real and personal property and other facilities necessary, incidental, and appurtenant thereto are exclusively public uses and purposes for which public money may be spent….”

Our vision is a community where individual lives are impacted by our commitment to providing the opportunity for people to live the life they love in their own home. To bring that vision into reality, we provide avenues to affordable housing for first-time homebuyers in Miami-Dade County.

  • Boundaries/Service Area

The Housing Finance Authority’s (“HFA”) boundaries are the geographic boundaries of Miami-Dade County.

  • Services provided

The services provided by the special district include providing (i) bond financing to finance the construction of multifamily rental units, and (ii) mortgage financing for first time homebuyers.

  • Charter/creation document(s)

Miami-Dade County Ordinance No. 78-89 adopted December 12, 1978

Miami-Dade County Ordinance No. 11-99 adopted December 6, 2011

  • Statute or statutes under which the special district operates

Chapter 159, Part IV, Florida Statutes – Housing Finance Authorities

Chapter 189, Florida Statutes – Uniform Special District Accountability Act

  • Date established  –  December 12, 1978
  • Establishing entity  –  Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners


Contact Information

  • Mailing address  –  7855 NW 12 Street, Suite 102, Doral, Florida 33126
  • Telephone number  –  (305) 594-2518
  • Registered Agent  –  Cheree Gulley, Executive Director

Governing Body

Craig Clay

Craig Clay
District 1 appointee
Term ends 11/2016


Paul Wilson
District 2 appointee
Term ends 11/2018


Don L. Horn
District 3 appointee
Term ends 11/2016


Adam Petrillo
District 4 appointee
Term ends 11/2018

Rev. Aida Melendez Diego

Aida Melendez Diego
District 5 appointee
Term ends 11/2016


Nery Gonzalez
District 6 appointee
Term ends 11/2018


District 7 appointee
Term ends 11/2016

marcus dixon

Marcus Dixon
District 8 appointee
Term ends 11/2018


VT Williams
District 9 appointee
Term ends 11/2016


District 10 appointee
Term ends 11/2018


Erick Deeb
District 11 appointee
Term ends 11/2016


Maggie Gonzalez
District 12 appointee
Term ends 11/2018


Nelson Hernandez
District 13 appointee
Term ends 11/2016

The appointing authority is the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners

Revenue Information

  • Taxes, fees, assessments, or charges imposed and collected

Fees are charged for services related to multifamily and single family bond transactions

  • Rates or amounts for the current fiscal year

Multifamily transaction fees are 25 basis points of the outstanding bond balance

Single Family transaction fees are dictated by the market price on the day of the transaction

  • Statutory authority of the levy of the tax, fee, assessment or charge

The HFA does not levy taxes nor assessments. Fees are charged pursuant to Chapter 159, Part IV, Florida Statutes.


General Financial Information

  • Fiscal Year Period  –  October 1st to September 30th
  • Budget Amendments, if applicable  –  Not applicable
  • Final complete audit report for the most recent completed fiscal year – Download Report
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